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Cross Stitch Patterns > Scottish Clans > MACLAINE MacLean Scottish Tartan -CROSS STITCH PATTERN


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MacLaine or MacLean clan picture with tartan background to cross stitch. Available for immediate download, in pdf format, with free shipping and handling.

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This cross stitch pattern design features a version of the Maclaine or Maclean tartan in the background with a Scotsman in Maclaine tartan kilt holding a sword and shield. 

This is a computer generated cross stitch pattern with several hours of hand work to finish the piece. You will receive it immediately and can easily print it out on your computer. It is a wonderfully detailed design that uses 71 floss colors to create this stunning finished piece.

Made in full cross stitches. You can add some back stitches for outlining if you like, but it is not necessary. 

Cloth Details: Can be worked on aida cloth, linen, or any even weave or open weave fabric.


Actual stitch count: 200 x 200 stitches

Finished size will vary depending on the number of threads per inch in the fabric you are using.

For 14 holes per inch, finished size will be 14.3" x 14.3".

All patterns can easily be converted to other count cloths. See our Cross Stitch Calculator for other thread counts.

Floss: DMC colors. If your prefer to use Anchor threads, we have a handy conversion chart available.

Chart will print out in multiple sheets with 8 spaces per inch for easy viewing.

The picture displayed is in virtual stitches, generated from the cross stitch pattern and shows how the finished project will look. Shown in a frame and/or matting, not included. 

Septs of the Clan: MacCormick, MacFadyen, MacFadzean, MacGilvra, Macilvora.
Names associated with the clan: Cormac Cormack Cormag Cormick Gilvray Lochbuie MacArmick MacCarmick MacCarmike MacChormaig MacClaine MacClan MacClane MacClayne MacComok MacCormack MacCormaic MacCormaig MacCormick MacCormock MacCormok MacCornick MacCornock MacCornok MacFadden MacFaden MacFadin MacFadion MacFadwyn MacFadyean MacFadyen MacFadyon MacFadzan MacFadzean MacFadzein MacFadzeon MacFattin MacFayden MacFedden MacFeyden MacFydeane MacGillane MacGillavary MacGillayne MacGillevary MacGillevoray MacGillevorie MacGillevray MacGillewra MacGillewray MacGillivary MacGillivoor MacGillivraid MacGillivray MacGillivrie MacGillivry MacGillowray MacGillvary MacGillveray MacGillvery MacGillvra MacGillvray MacGillyane MacGilvary MacGilvery MacGilvory MacGilvra MacGilvray MacGilwrey MacGormick MacGormock MacGuilvery MacIlaine MacIlbraie MacIliwray MacIllaine MacIllayn MacIlleain MacIllvra MacIloray MacIlra MacIluray MacIlveerie MacIlvery MacIlvora MacIlvory MacIlvra MacIlvrach MacIlvrae MacIlvray MacIlwra MacIlwray MacKelrae MacKermick MacKernock MacKlain MacKlan MacKlane MacKornock MacKornok MacLain MacLaine MacLane MacLayne MacOlaine MacOrmack MacPadane MacPaden MacPhadan MacPhadden MacPhaddion MacPhadein MacPhaden MacPhadzen MacPhaidein MacPhaiden MacPhaidin MacPhyden MacYlory Makarmik Makclane Makclayne Makcormok Makfadzane Makgillane Makillewray Makkilrow Maklane Maklayne Vcgillevorie 

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